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Junior Sky Blues

Details about our Junior Sky Blues Membership, for fans aged under 16...

Junior Sky Blues Under 13 can get a FREE Season Ticket anywhere in the stadium for the 2018/19 season, while JSBs Under 16s receive big discounts on their ticket too.

The Junior Sky Blues (JSBs) is our young supporters club for Coventry City fans aged Under 16. The JSB’s were founded in 1970, which makes it one of the oldest junior supporters clubs in the country.

The JSB’s are split into four smaller age groups, which provide tailored benefits for each age group of young CCFC supporters. 

The four Memberships available are:   

  • Sky Blue Dribblers - for supporters under 3 years old
  • Sky Blue Keepers - for supporters aged from 3 up to under 7 years old
  • Sky Blue Wingers - for supporters aged from 7 up to under 13 years old 
  • Sky Blue Strikers - for supporters from aged 13 up to under 16 years old 

Membership is based upon a supporter’s age as of 31st August 2018.

Full details of each membership package will be announced during the summer, so keep checking our website!

Members receive a range of benefits - with JSBs under 13 able to get a free Season Ticket anywhere in the stadium when accompanied by an adult season ticket. 

JSB’s also receive a membership pack, including vouchers, certificates, welcome letter and their membership card.

Membership Packs will be sent out at the start of August, with all membership benefits active from 1st July 2018.

Memberships are £25, with Keepers, Wingers & Strikers memberships valid throughout the 2018/19 season**, while Dribblers memberships are valid until the JSB turns 3 years old, when they can become a Sky Blue Keeper!

*Free JSB Under 13s Season Tickets are only available when the JSB Member’s Child Season Ticket is purchased with an Adult Season Ticket.

**Membership benefits commence on 1st July 2018 and expire on 31st May 2019.

If you have any queries purchasing a Membership, you can e-mail:


How to buy a JSB Membership:

Buy quickly and easily at or call 0844 453 9134. 

Alternatively, JSB Membership are available at the Ticket Office during opening hours.


How to buy a Season Ticket and a Membership:

Buy quickly and easily at or call 0844 453 9134. 

Alternatively, JSB Membership are available at the Ticket Office during opening hours.

When buying a Season Ticket and Membership together online, select the price band which states either ‘Under 16 Season Ticket and JSB’ or ‘Under 13 Season Ticket and JSB’ depending upon your age.



Online service charge per membership: £3.60
Telephone/In-Person charge per membership: £4.50
Delivery fee per membership: £2.00



For membership purchasing or fulfilment enquiries, please contact




How does a JSB Under 13 get a free Season Ticket?

The JSB must be a member for the 2018/19 season, must be under 13 (as of 31st August 2018) and must be accompanied by a paying adult (Over the age of 18).   


Do you have to get a JSB Membership to receive the Under 16s/Under 13s prices?

Yes you do – the Membership price is £25. If you do not wish to buy a JSB Membership, then the Season Ticket comes under the Young Sky Blue price. 


When using ticket vouchers, what does the Member need to bring?

They need to bring the voucher and their 2018/19 Season Ticket or JSB Membership card. 


At what age is a young fan allowed to come to a game unaccompanied by an adult?

All fans under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Juniors aged 14 or over do not have to be accompanied by an adult.


Do JSBs have to sit in the Family Zone to receive a free Season Ticket?

No - they can also sit anywhere in the stadium and still receive a free Season Ticket if they are Under 13 and accompanied by an adult.


Where can I buy JSB discounted tickets on a matchday?


You can buy from the Matchday Ticket Office at the Ricoh Arena.

How can I become a mascot?

Details on becoming a mascot will be announced on our website following the release of fixtures in June 2018.


Where will the JSB Party be held and when?

Details will be announced on our website in November 2018. Members can use their membership card or voucher for access to the party.


When will Membership Packs be sent out?

Membership Packs are sent by our mailing house to reach supporters who have purchased in April, May, June or July at the start of August.

Memberships bought in August will be sent at the start of September.
Memberships bought in September will be sent at the start of October.
Memberships bought in October will be sent at the start of November.
Memberships bought in November will be sent at the start of December.
Memberships bought up until the 14th December will be sent week commencing 17th December.

Memberships bought in after 14th December and in January 2019 will be sent at the start of February 2019.