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Flags and Banners

Coventry City do allow flags in both the home and away ends.

As when we went to Wembley, the same rules apply at the Ricoh Arena:

The flag must be smaller than 250cm in size at the widest or longest point.

  • The flag does not have an attached flag pole
  • In the case of an attached flag pole, it is made from wood and plastic only and is no longer than 1 metre in length and 1cm in diameter.
  • There is no advertising or commercial message on the flag
  • The flag does not contain any abusive or defamatory message

 **Please note that flag poles made of metal are not permitted inside the stadium, no matter what size or length the flag/pole.

For any flags/banners not within this, fans are required to contact the club's safety officer via e-mail on:

Along with your e-mail, please send the fire safety certificate for your flag attached to your e-mail, along with the dimensions of your flag, photo of your flag, details of any poles which are attached to the flag, location where you will be sat/where the flag would be displayed, and contact telephone number.

The club reserve the right to ban, or refuse entry to ANY flag/banner considered to be offensive, discriminatory, insulting, or carry any inappropriate/commercial language or message.

Any flags or banners not pre advised and approved may be confiscated and returned after the game.

We will always try to accommodate flags/banners supporting the team to make the matchday experience better but in accordance with regulations above.