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Disabled Supporters

Information for Sky Blues fans with disabilities...

Disabled Season Tickets

How much are Season Tickets for disabled fans?
Season Tickets are priced at the rate relevant to the age of the supporter, with a carer’s season ticket free of charge.
However, any supporter requiring a wheelchair bay is entitled to purchase tickets at the concessions rate because of the limited location of bays.

Where do Disabled Supporters need to go to purchase their Season Tickets?
Disabled Supporters can purchase in-person at the Butts Park Arena Ticket Office. Up to date proof of disability will be required. Disabled supporters can purchase in person during the early bird period until Wednesday 31st May at 4:30pm.

Ticket Office hours are Monday-Friday, 10:30am to 4:30pm except Wednesday’s when it is closed – the office will be open on the first Wednesday of Early Bird (12th April) and the final Wednesday of Early Bird (31st May)

Who is classed as a disabled supporter?
Disabled supporters are supporters who claim Medium or Higher rate Disability Living Allowance, this can be either the Mobility or Care components. Proof will be required to be shown when purchasing your first ticket and again when the allowance or Season Ticket is renewed.

Who is entitled to bring a Personal Assistant?
All disabled supporters are entitled to bring a Personal Assistant free of charge, although bringing a Personal Assistant is not a necessity if a supporter does not require one.

Are there any particular areas for disabled fans to sit?
There are 94 wheelchair bays located around the stadium, all of these have an adjacent seat for a Personal Assistant. Ambulant disabled supporters (disabled fans who do not require the use of a wheelchair) can sit in any available seat.

What price is a Junior Sky Blues Under 13 disabled supporter Season Ticket?
Because JSB Under 13 Season Tickets only apply with a full paying adult, these cannot be done for disabled supporters who are JSBs. This is because the carer Season Ticket is free, meaning there is no full paying adult.

The club's policy therefore is to charge the JSB Under 13 Season Ticket at the rate of JSB Under 16s, and still provide the carer ticket free of charge. 

For example: A non disabled Season Ticket holder Under 13 would pay £25 for a JSB Membership and £299 for an adult Season Ticket - a total of £324.
A disabled Season Ticket holder Under 13 would pay £71 (Under 16 rate) and receive a free carer Season Ticket - a total of £71.