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Club News

NEWS: Coventry City provide further details on the potential return of fans

11 December 2020

Club News

NEWS: Coventry City provide further details on the potential return of fans

11 December 2020

The tiering system in the UK is expected to be reviewed on Wednesday 16th December.

Birmingham is currently in Tier 3, meaning that fans are not able to attend Coventry City matches at St Andrew’s. If Birmingham is placed in Tier 2, then fans would be able to return.

We will not find out details until next week, but in the meantime we are making preparations as best as we can for the return of fans.

Below, we have put together further information for fans – this is subject to change, but will give you an overview of what to expect, and what precautions are going to be in place.

At this stage, please do not contact the Club regarding any further details or declaring that you would like to attend. Details of when fans need to take action will be communicated once any Tier change announcement happens, as will further information.


What will the capacity be?

For the first game at St Andrew’s, whether a Coventry City or Birmingham City home game, it will be a ‘test event’ – the capacity will be limited to 1,000 supporters.

For the next game to take place at St Andrew’s, the capacity will be a total of 2,000 supporters – assuming that the test event takes place without any issues.

Who will be able to attend?

Championship Club Season Ticket holders will have priority access. Those fans who had a Season Ticket last season too will get priority ahead of fans who have only bought a Season Ticket this campaign.

There are around 3000 Season Ticket holders, including corporate hospitality supporters.

There will be no match tickets available to purchase for games until further notice.

How will those fans who can attend be decided?

Season Ticket holders will be able to enter a ballot to apply for a ticket for our first game back. You do not have to apply for a ticket if you do not wish to attend or do not feel you are safe in attending the game – the choice is yours. You must opt in for the ballot – if you do not, then you will not be able to attend the game. Successful fans are chosen at random on the Ticketmaster ticketing system.

For supporters in corporate hospitality, the reduced lounge capacity is higher than the number of packages sold and a ballot is not required. Boxes have been sold on a social distanced basis, with a reduced capacity of 6 people per box (all from one bubble).

How do fans apply – as individuals or a ‘bubble’?

The choice is yours. If you apply as a ‘bubble’, then we will keep your group together – you will all either be successful/unsuccessful in the ballot as one.

One supporter can apply for the ballot on behalf of other fans in their bubble, and Supporter numbers will be needed.

Where do I enter the ballot?

Entry to the ballot will be online at

Disabled supporters requiring a wheelchair space need to contact the Ticket Office directly – details are below regarding how this process would work.

When will the ballot take place?

This will be confirmed once/if a move to Tier 2 is confirmed.

Until then, fans are asked not to contact the Club declaring their interest in attending – we will communicate further in due course following any Tier change announcement.

Can supporters from Tier 3 areas attend?

No, only fans from a Tier 2 or Tier 1 area would be able to attend.

Where will I sit?

Fans will be allocated automatically to a seat within the stands – they will be socially distanced from other supporters. We are not able to accept any requests for fans to sit in specific seats.

We are looking to provide an ‘easy access’ area in the stadium for Ambulant Disabled fans to sit.

Will I receive a Season Ticket?

Initially, fans will not receive a Season Ticket. Fans who are successful in each ballot will receive an e-mail – this will contain their Digital Ticket. Fans can either add their match tickets to their mobile wallet and redeem on their mobile phone or choose to print their tickets at home.

The Club will not be sending out any paper tickets and fans will not be able to collect paper tickets either, whether in advance or on the day– this is part of our Coronavirus precautions.

At a later date, Season Ticket cards will be sent to supporters. These are not expected to be used for entry this season, but instead will be a memento for fans to keep.

Will Food and Drinks be available?

There will be no food and drink available.

What are the Corporate/Hospitality details?

Details regarding the exact details of what can be provided to fans who have already purchased their corporate/hospitality package will be confirmed shortly, and these fans will be e-mailed directly. Once in Tier 2, fans will be able to have access to a lounge on a socially distanced basis with reduced capacity.

Will Car Parking be available?

Details regarding car parking are being finalised. It is expected that the only fans who may be able to park/drop off on-site will be disabled supporters. This is due to the requirement for extended queueing areas to allow for social distancing/temperature checks before entry and for additional facilities required outside of the stadium.

Coventry City is looking at off-site car parking options for supporters and will communicate further once the first game back for fans is confirmed.

Will Season Ticket holders still be able to watch on iFollow?

Yes, access to the stream for Season Ticket holders for home games would remain in place until further notice.

What is the overall process?

The general process for tickets etc is detailed below

Step 1: Ballot opens – Season Ticket holders able to apply

Step 2: Ballot closes – successful Season Ticket holders chosen at random

Step 3: Successful Season Ticket holders are e-mailed their Digital Ticket – they can use the Digital Ticket on their phone or print it off as a ‘Print at Home’ ticket.

Step 4: Attend the game

Will there be a code of conduct in place?

Yes, as with other Clubs, fans attending games will need to agree to a code of conduct when attending matches, to ensure that we are compliant with COVID precautions and that all fans can remain safe. This will include information on face masks, social distancing, hygiene etc – this will be published once after any Tier announcement takes place, and will reflect the safety advice at that time.

Any fans who do not agree to the code of conduct can’t attend matches.

We will work with fans to make sure that they do comply with the code of conduct on matchdays and ensure we are all kept safe, but any fans who flout the code of conduct and choose not to comply will have to be removed from the ground and will not be eligible for attending future games at this time.

How do wheelchair supporters apply?

These supporters will apply directly with the Ticket Office in line with other timescales for supporters – by emailing and leaving contact details.

What about Ambulant Disabled supporters?

These supporters will apply for the ballot alongside other supporters. However, we are looking to provide an ‘easy access’ area in the stadium for these fans to sit.

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