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INTERVIEW: Mark Robins on FA Cup tie and update on Kasey Palmer

City head to Hillsborough again this weekend...

25 January 2024


INTERVIEW: Mark Robins on FA Cup tie and update on Kasey Palmer

City head to Hillsborough again this weekend...

25 January 2024

Mark Robins provided an update on midfielder Kasey Palmer, after events which occurred last week at Hillsborough.

Kasey has been back in training this week with his teammates and Robins addressed how his player has been since the racial abuse he suffered in the clash against Sheffield Wednesday.

Robins also looked ahead to the fourth round of the FA Cup, as his side take on the Owls again tomorrow night.


How Kasey Palmer is…

“I can't really speak for him. Unless you've experienced racism, I don't think you can honestly understand how it feels.

“There's no place for any type of racism in society, let alone on a football pitch or in a stadium. Kasey has been okay, but that's not to say that it hasn't impacted him because I think it has.

“It has to stop. The perpetrator should be dealt with and made an example of, in my opinion, and it shouldn't happen.

“I've seen a video that's been brought out by the Sheffield Wednesday players, just highlighting that it's unacceptable and really, people should just grow up.

“We're human beings at the end of the day and we should try and get on with each other as best we can. This is a football match, it's adversarial, by nature, you want to win, so you've got all of that going on, which is fine, that's what we expect, but support your team. Support the individuals and if you want to give sticks to the opponents then fine but don't be stupid.

“Let's get on with it and try and get on better with each other and I think that's the message.

“I've not experienced anything like this before, as the manager, but seemingly this goes on all the time, and it just needs to stop.”


Whether he will be available to play…

“I think he should lead on that. I think that's again, something I don't know how he feels although I've got an understanding of that and how he's lived through these last few days, that's for sure.

“Kasey is a grown up and he will lead by example, and he will want to do that for everybody and certainly his family and we just need to support him through that.

“There’s been a lot going on over the last few days and there's rightly been a spotlight shone on that situation and hopefully, like I said, that can be brought to a swift conclusion and be dealt with, but it's the wider issue.

“We have to make sure and ensure that this changes. I think you look at that and what's happened, and we've got to try and try and make it make a difference will make a difference in a positive way.”



Coming up against Sheffield Wednesday again…

“They've got some good players in their squad, and they pose a threat and we've seen that in the two games.

“They've had some good chances in those games that they just haven't managed to take but ultimately, it's down to us down to what we do.

“We've built up some momentum and some confidence and I’ve just been watching some of our games and some of our footage in preparation for this one and we are looking good in a lot of areas at the moment, but there's still there's still improvements, still tweaks we can make.

“We’re really looking forward to the game, there's no doubt about that. I think it's going to be a really good game.”


Ben Sheaf’s form…

“I think he's developing really nicely, and I think he's growing into the captain's armband. I think that's fair to say. I think initially, it's new, it's different and I think he's taking on that role.

“He's settling into it and doing a really good job and I think that's been a decent evolution, and a deserved one for him.

“He's playing to a good level but also off the field training and everything, he leads his life really, really well as a sportsman and as a human being is outstanding.

“I think that he's one of those that's developing nicely, but again, that helps with everybody else and the work that goes on here, everybody develops in a in a similar way, really, they've all got opportunity to grow if they want to.”


Competing in the FA Cup…

“It's better to be in the competition than out there, that's for sure.

“We've got a chance of going through and going into the fifth round, so that's the aim and we've got to try and get as far as we can in this competition this year.

“The owner has been clear in terms of what he would like, and we've got to try and we've got to try and do that and deliver that not just for the owner but for the supporters because there's over 4000 travelling up there tomorrow and they're going to be right behind the team and supporting us as they always have done.

“We've got to try and get through and put in a really good performance for them, because they're absolutely brilliant and they were brilliant last week.”


Callum O’Hare update…

“He's been made a really good offer and then it's down to him his family's representatives to decide what his future holds, but I don't think any pressure shouldn't be put on him.

“He should just be allowed to get on with his work and what he's doing is, he's knuckling down, and he's focused on what he's got to do and trying to help us to where we want to get to this season.”




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