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INTERVIEW: Mark Robins gives assessment on Watford draw and provides injury update on players

Dasilva, van Ewijk and Palmer pick up knocks...

2 September 2023


INTERVIEW: Mark Robins gives assessment on Watford draw and provides injury update on players

Dasilva, van Ewijk and Palmer pick up knocks...

2 September 2023

Mark Robins gave an honest assessment after reacting to his sides 3-3 draw with Watford at the Coventry Building Society Arena.

Robins believes there ‘were too many wrong decisions’ his side made, but on the flip side, there ‘were so many they made right’.

City came from behind three times in the game to come away with a point, with a Wesley Hoedt own goal, Milan van Ewijk free-kick and Matty Godden strike earning a point.

Speaking after the final whistle, Robins looked back at the game, as well as providing an update on the fitness of Jay Dasilva, Kasey Palmer and Milan van Ewijk.


Initial reaction after the draw…

“There were too many decisions that we made that were that were wrong, but there were so many decisions that we made that were right.

“The decisions that we made wrong were the defensive turnovers and there were one or two things we got wrong. Also, we became too open. We got crossed over too many times at the back and we ended up coming out when we shouldn't have come out.

“But that's the way they play. They try and suck you out to create space because they have got quality and they are rapid. So, if you want to sit in against them, then then fine but you're not going anywhere and they’re just going to pin you in.

“I thought we were brave. I thought we went after the game, but we just got things wrong in the defensive side of things from the front to the back on a few occasions but other than that, we created some brilliant chances.

“Some of the football is scintillating and the crowd was magnificent, and they got behind us. We've come back three times and the second time obviously it was an own goal, but then we ended up giving them a goal back.

“We’ve got to be a little bit more confident, and confidence was lacking in one or two areas but other than that, certainly in the final third we look dangerous, and we look a threat and we look a threat from set plays.

“Today has been a really difficult game. I think they're a different proposition than they've been over a few years, and they obviously don’t concede goals before today and that's a positive as well. But the fact we conceded the three goals was disappointing.”


Watford’s threat…

“They will press the life out of you and the press is quick and release from the press is very quick and you have to be you have to be setting your mind of where are they coming from, can you step past it? Is there anybody that you can play one touch around the corner? Can you go and get the ball? But there's a lot of different options, you have to pick the right one.

“Ben Wilson played it into a press, and they almost scored from the first time we tried to play out and that's not what you're after. But you want them to play out, otherwise they're not going to do it.”


Bravery on the ball…

“So, the bravery that we showed was fantastic and then a bit of common sense where you go a little bit longer and there are ways to break teams down by playing longer passes, so you can do things a lot of different ways.

“You can either play and go, we are playing short and we're playing through them come hell or high water and try and do that. But when you've got a new group that are finding their own feet and finding where they are and what's my level going to be and they're all good players, but we’re all human beings that go through a bit of confidence up and downs from time to time.

“We've just got that scenario at the moment where we can pick wrong decisions and we were to open on a counter attack where they leave players there to go on counter against you.

“If you then come out and leave spaces they will sprint through those spaces and then you're in trouble if they get that right, but I thought for the most part we blocked off well we stepped through well and we looked a real threat on the counters attack and we looked a threat when we had the ball.”


The goals in the game…

“First half we were more in control than they were but then we have the penalty saved and then we end up having to come back from behind.

“We ended up getting a brilliant goal from Milan, fantastic free kick, and that's what you get for the practice.

“They had a little bit more of it second half and they ended up getting down the side we didn't adjust quickly enough, and they end up getting down the right-hand side putting the ball in, and it was a tap in really and then we have to come from behind again.

“They score the own goal that then is inexplicable. Then we give them the chance to score a third and it’s almost like here you go, here’s a chance to stick the ball in our net.

“But then we showed great character and got back into the game with a brilliant goal. Haji has got down the right-hand side and he's rolled his man really well and he’s put a brilliant cross in.

“Matty has had ages to see it and he's found the corner and he said to me in there that was redemption but ultimately it's a brilliant finish.”


Injuries to players…

“(Jay Dasilva) he's in an ankle brace. He’s rocked his ankle, but I don't know what that is yet, so hopefully he will be okay, but it looks like a heavy one.

“Kasey Palmer's got a knee issue, so we've got to look at him and he’s got to be right before he decides that he's going to go off on international duty.

“Milan's hamstring was tight so he needed to come off and the fact that he said that before he went on that sprint means hasn't necessarily banged his hamstring, because he wouldn't have been able to do that, so hopefully he will be ok.”


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