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INTERVIEW: Mark Robins reflects on defeat at Cardiff City

The manager reflects on defeat in South Wales...

19 September 2023

Mark Robins looked back on his side's defeat to Cardiff in Championship action.

City suffered a 3-2 defeat on the road to the Bluebirds and looking back after the final whistle, the City boss provided his thoughts.

Reflecting on the start to the game…

“We didn't start right. We didn't start how we wanted to start, we wanted to start with a tempo, and we wanted to start and move the ball quickly like we do.

“We have to credit them. We didn't get in the game. We didn't get into the game because we weren't set right to start with. We weren't brave enough and that's really unusual, but we came to deep.

“Their front three essentially pinned our back five in and we couldn't get out, so we weren't in the game.

“Then we concede a really poor goal from a set play where they just waltz through into space. It's a good delivery, but we don't concede goals like that and three goals we've conceded tonight are poor.”


Matty Godden’s leveller…

“The second half of the first half we started to find some space certainly after the goal. We found a way back into it with a good finish from Matty Godden.

“We had a great chance to get level through Kasey Palmer, but their goalkeeper has made a really good save but really we need to be finishing those chances because, it looks like the chances that we're giving up the other end, end up in the back of our net.”


Not coming away with anything…

“To score two goals away from and not come away with anything is disappointing. I just feel disappointed, and it was because we made too many rash decisions on the ball and off the ball.

“The spaces that we gave up aren't usually the spaces we gave up. With, Milan getting injured and Tatsu coming on I could have gone and changed it and shut up a little bit, but I wanted to I wanted to try and give us an impetus to go forward and it looked like we were getting up.

“Then we don't defend right, and the cross comes in and Tatsu gets done on the inside from Grant and he scores the header which is really disappointing.”


Things taking time…

“They're a new group and I'm not looking for excuses but I'm looking for better than that. There's no doubt about it. We will get better than that over time and this Championship is relentless.

“You've got to take some of these on the chin for the time being I'm afraid, it's horrible to say I don't like it, I don't like losing games, we want to win every game and we want to give the supporters things to shout about positively.”


Godden’s goal late on…

“We then start to build play again and get into a good positions and Jay Dasilva puts in a great ball and Matty Godden scores the header and there's still eight minutes left at that stage to try and get back into the game.

“We looked a little bit livelier, a bit more lively with Yasin and with Ellis coming on, with Jamie Allen coming on. But when you're trying to win the game, we made some silly decisions when you've got to be firm with your passing.

“We've got to lift things, they've got to lift themselves, dust themselves down and come back again for Monday and do some work going into the game.”


Penetrating forward more…

“We are generally brave but when you lose players like Gustavo, who had a 70% success rate in terms of his passing, but a lot of these passes were penetrative and went through and we got people in good positions.

“At the moment we are keen to try and keep the ball and if we’re all just bouncing it at the back into your centre halves, you're going nowhere and it gives them the impotence and it gives them that confidence to keep coming forward and putting you under pressure which then puts you under pressure and you feel the pressure and then you start to turn over the ball a little bit more.”



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