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INTERVIEW: Mark Robins looks back at Preston North End defeat

Read what the City boss had to say...

4 November 2023

Mark Robins gave his reaction to defeat against Preston North End for his side at Deepdale.

Two Haji Wright goal were cancelled out by three Preston goals, which condemned the Sky Blues to defeat on the road.

Speaking after the final whistle, Robins gave his immediate reaction to a disappointing afternoon for this side.


Reflection on the defeat…

“We didn't start very well and we look like we are nervy.  

“We took the lead against the run of play but thankfully Matty Godden gets a shot away and it’s parried out and Haji is in the right place and he taps it in.

“Then, a minute and a half later, we're 2-1 down and it’s ridiculous. I mean, poor decisions and poor decisions on the ball for both teams really because they were a bit nervy as well as they haven't won for six and we've lost three on the bounce, four on the bounce now.

“That's not us. We don't make stupid mistakes and that's what's crept in and that comes with being a little bit nervy, but I thought, really what we've got to hold on to is the second half performance because it was more like us.

“But ultimately, we've got to stop conceding poor goals and on the back of that we've got another offside goal go against us and I'm sure we're going to get another letter through to say that there was an offside in the build up to the second.

“Fadz then ended up pulling him down and getting a booking which meant that he was coming off and ultimately, we've not done enough in the first half, and then we conceded a poor goal in the second half, which puts it on the backfoot had we not done that, I think we go and win the game.”


Second half performance…

“There was more certainly more intent. We were livelier and we were certainly more in control of it, we move the ball better, we create some really decent opportunities there to throw the bodies on the line.

“We looked a threat but as I said, the positives are Haji has got two goals and we looked a real threat in the second half.

“There was some really good performance Ellis has played his best football for us in and he looks a real powerhouse which gives us food for thought.”


The Sky Blue Army…

“The support was magnificent. They’re staying with us and we need them to stay with us, that's for sure.

“Once we go through this period, hopefully this is our poor period of the season because we have one most seasons, last season was the same.

“Even though we're not in good shape in terms of the results of the last four games, we've still got a real chance of turning this round and making it really good, really exciting and that's where it'll get to it just doesn’t feel like it at the moment.

“Nobody likes losing games. Nobody likes to play poorly. Nobody likes to make mistakes. It's happening at the minute, and we're being punished for it but we've got to get on top of that.”


Looking for more…

“There's a lot of things and there's a lot of food for thought. I think we need to do some work. You know, we definitely need to do some work, but we are you know we are in a position where we need to make one or two alterations that is that is clear.

“One or two people are crying out for a breather with the performances. So that's got to happen as well.

“I'm looking for those that stick their chests out and are confident and they want to go and play in the way that we did in the second half because there was more pace more devilment, trying to get into good positions to go and cause them more problems and we did do that.

“Had it not been for an unbelievably decent block Haji gets a hattrick, he's right on the money.”


Turning this around…

“We'll come through it. There's no doubt about it, but you've got to work. You've got to work and get people to a point whether they're confident, but ultimately, that is something that's within.

“You've got to fight first and foremost. During periods like this, you've got to fight but also have the confidence and the courage AND more importantly the courage to keep taking the ball and playing it because we're not going to change our style that isn't going to happen.

“We need more belief, more belief in the shooting and more belief in the passing. The penetrative passes are what you're after, but you can't do it from 20 yards because you step across at this level and come away with the ball.

“We will work our way through it as we've done before.”

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