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INTERVIEW: Mark Robins talks importance of Middlesbrough win

Robins gives his reaction after the final whistle...

12 August 2023

Mark Robins spoke of the importance of his side picking up their first win of the season against Middlesbrough at the Coventry Building Society Arena.

Matty Godden got the scoring underway, before Haji Wright scored his first goal and then an own goal wrapped up the points.

Speaking after the final whistle, Robins reflected on the result, Matty Godden’s importance and the departure of Gustavo Hamer.


Reflecting on the result…

“I think it was really important that the players got a win and a really good performance for themselves for the supporters.

“Obviously we have a load of new players in and we've got to work to get us to the level that we need to be at and thankfully today the level was enough to win this game last week it wasn't.

“I thought we were better last week again against Leicester than we were today. I thought we grew into it.

“We were good in the first half and then we in the second half we weren't so good. We got a couple of chances and thankfully, we've got Matty Godden there who's who knows how we play.

“You’ve got the two lads that have come in Ellis and Haji who are different players, but both trying to find out, how we operate how they need to operate in a team with a lot of new faces and but that's the work that we need to get going back around.

“But if we can win games like that, and when we've not we're not there yet and we haven't got the depth you know and we're looking for that and we'll be working at that in the next coming days.”


Performances and recruitment…

“Brilliant result, and a decent performance but some really good performances within that.

“Ben Sheaf and Josh Eccles, moving in one is picked up the mantle there and I thought he was actually really good. We do it in a different way. You can't replace like for like because they’re top players both of them but we've got to do in a slightly different way.

“Now, I'm looking at what we do to bring in new faces that are going to get us even better in terms of the quality of the depth of the squad and then really have a go at getting the team gelling quickly as quickly as we possibly can.”


Matty Godden…

“I think he’s really important at the minute and probably will be throughout. I mean he knows how to score goals and he's moving was really good. He feels at home here. The supporters are right behind him.

“You know, they should know that what they see at times, not just with Matty, with all the other players is we’re a group of people that are trying to come together and make a team and do it really quickly without the work being done yet.

“That’s what I was trying to say, we need that time and the patience from everybody to make sure that the players are free in the brains and the minds to go out and perform to the best of their abilities because their abilities are outstanding.

“We're doing a different way we have to and I'm really happy with the way things are going in terms of recruitment, the people we brought in are fantastic people.”


Gus Hamer’s departure…

“You've got predators there that are trying to take your best players when they perform like that, but on the other hand, we're bringing people in and saying we'll give you this platform and let's try and get to where we need to be and if we don't get there and then obviously, if somebody comes you can go and again.

“Whilst it is really difficult to let them go, you've got to sort of understand the ecology of it and the fact that they are human beings that have got a finite career span and they want to play at the highest level and really we've got to we've got to say brilliant for us, you've done absolutely brilliantly for us, we've helped you, you know, go and go and fill your boots, see if you can go and enjoy the Premier League and see what all that's about.

“It is disappointing naturally, you know, for everybody, not just because of the player that he is but the person that he is.

“You've got somebody there who's got a really positive energy use, who's been fantastic, who's driven things forward and helps us get into those playoffs last year with all the other players he's got some really good qualities that other players don't have And those are the those are the things that you miss but it is more than meets more the person or as much a person as the player really.”

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