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A to Z: Kasey Palmer talks teammates, promotion and Lionel Messi

The Sky Blues midfielder has taken part in our alphabetical Q&A...

23 November 2022

As EFL Championship action pauses for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Kasey Palmer talks teammates, McDonalds and Lionel Messi as he faces our alphabetical Q&A...

A - Who is the greatest ATHLETE of all time?

Usain Bolt.

B - Do you have a favourite pair of football BOOTS?

Yes, Nike Vapors.

C - What CAR do you drive to training?

Range Rover Sport SVR.

D - Who are your best-DRESSED and worst-DRESSED teammates?

Todd Kane is the worst. I would say that Jonathan Panzo is the best, he gives it a good go.

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E - How do you like your EGGS?

I like them fried.

F - When the gaffer isn't watching, what is your favourite cheat FOOD?

That would be a McDonalds: a burger and fries.

G - Either scored by yourself or someone else, what is your favourite GOAL of all time?

Lionel Messi’s goal against Getafe, back when he was younger, is my favourite.

H - What is your favourite HOLIDAY destination?

The Maldives. I always wanted to go there and did very recently.

I - What was your INITIATION song?

I can't remember but I normally do 'Let Me Love You', by Justin Bieber.

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J - What would your JOB be if you weren't a footballer?

I really don't know. Honestly, I think I would probably be a coach.

K - What is your favourite ever football KIT?

Liverpool’s kit from the 2005 Champions League Final, the final in Istanbul.

L - Who makes you LAUGH the most in training?

Todd Kane.

M - Your favourite MUSICIAN?

That's a tough one. At the moment, Lil Baby.

N - What is the most famous NUMBER you have in your phone?

Steven Gerrard.

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O - What one OBJECT could you not live without?

It probably would be my Mobile Phone.

P - Who is your favourite ever PLAYER?

Lionel Messi.

Q - Who is the QUICKEST player in the Coventry City squad?

That would either be Fabio Tavares or Jack Burroughs, probably Fabio.

R - And where would you come in a RACE of the Club's first-team players?

I would be just above average. I’m not quick but I’m definitely not slow.

S - What is the best away STADIUM you have played at?


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T - If you could, when would you TIMETRAVEL back in time to?

Back to my promotion-winning season with Huddersfield. That day was sick and I would want to relive that.

U - If you could have an UNLIMITED supply of anything, what would it be?

Money, obviously! Come on?

V - Who is the most VOCAL in the dressing room?

That would be Fadz.

W - One thing you WISH you could do before you die?

To win the World Cup.

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X - Have you ever needed an X-RAY on a broken bone?

No, thankfully not.

Y - What advice would you give to your YOUNGER self?

Don’t take life too seriously!

Z - What is your favourite ZOO animal?

That would be a Lion.

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