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INTERVIEW: Marko Marosi Watford Preview

The 'keeper made his return to action on Tuesday...

5 February 2021

Marko Marosi was pleased to make his return from injury on Tuesday and is relishing the opportunity of playing again as the Sky Blues prepare to take on Watford.

Marosi picked up an injury that ruled him out of action for three months and told how his eyesight had disappeared in his one eye after a collision in the game against Cardiff in November.

He acknowledged that he wasn’t aware of how serious the injury was at that time and was appreciative of medical care he received.

He said: “It is good to be back after three months of no competitive football so it was nice to get back out there and it was a bit uncomfortable in the mask, it is what it is, hopefully I can take it off soon and play without it.

“I had a nasty injury and I’m back now and I’m fit and the face is fixed and healed, I’m back to the old me flying into the challenges and injuries happen, I don’t let it affect me so it has happened now.

“I was a little bit dazed and I didn’t know I had a broken cheekbone as I wanted to carry on until they looked at me and said there was no way you are carrying on. A minute later I stopped seeing out my left eye because it was so swollen and I knew then it was trickier.

“I went to the hospital and had the tests done and all the scans and had a concussion but I didn’t know how serious it was until I stopped seeing out of that eye.

“I got a little bit worried when I looked in the mirror and you are thinking the worst but they reassured me, I got taken to hospital and they looked after me.”

He also spoke on his first game back where he believes there were positives to take away from Tuesday night’s game and City must focus on getting a result against Watford.

He then commented on his relationship with Ben Wilson who deputised in goal in Marosi’s absence and spoke about how the pair maintain a good relationship where they support each other.

He said: “It was disappointing for me because it was my first game back and we gave away two sloppy goals that could have been prevented. We can’t dwell on that; we take out all the positives and there were many from that game and we will go again.

“I am just trying to do my best for the team and you are going to have to ask the manager that (on being selected) and I am going to go out there and do my best to help the team out and see where that takes us.

“Me and Ben always support each other and it has never been a question, he supported me throughout the whole of last season and he supported me at the start of this season, when I got my injury he went in and I supported him, he did really well and he deserved it. “

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