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INTERVIEW: Gaffer Gives Latest Fitness Update

Robins talks Jones and Godden...

13 February 2021

Earlier this week on social media, winger Jodi Jones shared a video of himself finally back out on the grass at Ryton for the first time since September.

Jodi suffered a third ACL injury in the space of three years, adding to the pain and football he has missed in the early years of his career.

Each time Jones has come back fighting and Robins told how this time is no different and that the signs look encouraging.

“He’s worked really hard; I've got reports from the surgeon and they're all favourable and his headspace is good.

“He’s working really hard to get back fit and there’s a possibility that he might get back to a level where he can play some football before the end of the season, whether that's U23’s football or first team football, it remains to be seen but the fact that he's ahead of schedule is testament to the work that he's done.

“For somebody who has had three of these injuries, I think the recurrence percentage that he might do it again is down to 5% which is down there with anybody who's not done it before and that’s testament to the work that's been done.

“So, whilst his career has sorted stopped in its tracks because of these injuries, you know that there's a player in there that could potentially become or sort of regain the abilities and show you the abilities that he showed prior to the injury.

“Ultimately, he is a player that could end up being a top player for us, I mean we could have lost him had he not had the injuries, we would have lost him to the Championship years ago and the fact he’s still here and it's not great these are the injuries, but we've still sort of got him here and hopefully he can progress, and we can progress with him.”

Another man who has struggled with injuries this season, albeit at a lesser extent, is striker Matty Godden.

Matty has seen his season almost derailed due to a reoccurring injury, meaning he hasn’t been able to put a run of games together over the last few months.

“I think everyone just wants him back.” Robins said.

“We want all the injured players back fit and as quickly as you possibly can and I think frustration comes when it sort of feels like it's a slow recovery, which it is, but when you've got limited blood supply to a part of the body that needs that to recover then it's going to take time.

“I think he's six weeks post injury post re-injury and once you get beyond that time, from now on the clocks ticking and hopefully he can improve, and he’ll feel it and start to really improve over the next coming days so.

“Hopefully, we can get him back on the grass ASAP, because as soon as that happens, I know he's fit enough to be able to take part really quickly.”

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