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FEATURE: Sky Blues Grounds Manager Colin Wilson shares his top tips for your lawn!

9 April 2020

We know that a number of Sky Blues fans will be heading into the garden, as they follow the important Government advice to Stay Home, Protect our NHS and Save Lives during the Coronavirus outbreak.

To help you get your grass in great shape, we asked Coventry City Grounds Manager Colin Wilson to share his tips with us for your lawn at home:

Get yourself in the shed, dust off your lawnmower. Give it a check before you go anywhere with it, make sure it’s all safe to use and working well.

If you’ve got a springbok rake, you want to go out and rake the lawn – get the grass all stood up. Rake out any leaves and any dead grass that may be in the canopy of the sward. Do that before you do your first cut if you can.

If you’re going out to do your first cut since the Winter, you don’t want to take off more than one third off the grass blade. You only really want to take the top bit off the grass to start with on your first cut.

If you’ve got any moss or weeds in your lawn, now is the time to put some lawn sand down which will kill that off. If you’ve got weeds and also any selective weed killer, now is a great time to spray that which will stop the encouragement of any more ingress of weeds.

Get out there onto your lawn with a garden fork, and get some aeration in there which will encourage growth in any weak areas.

Also, get some seed in any bald spots. Mix a bit of soil and the seed together – it’s important you mix them together as they need to be in contact with each other. Fill that mix into any bald areas of your lawn and then give it a watering over the top.

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