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NEWS: Coventry Business Woman & Her Nephew Jump For Charity

23 September 2019

Local businesswoman Ravinder Marwaha is facing her fear of heights by taking on a skydiving challenge along with 22-year-old nephew Gurveer Marva, to raise funds for The Brain Tumour charity.

The duo have set a target of raising atleast £5,000 by Friday 27th September 2019 — the day of the skydive — for a charity which is very close to their hearts. Ravinder, 43, who runs Hakimpur Cash & Carry in Brays Lane, Coventry, is on a mission to create awareness for The Brain Tumour Charity. The organization is largely underfunded in comparison to other cancer charities, but has supported many in Coventry, including Ravinder’s 19-year-old nephew, Arun Marva (Gurveer’s brother). 

A grade-A student who was studying for his A-levels at Coventry’s Caludon Castle School, the previously healthy and active Arun suddenly collapsed in the summer of 2018, suffering a seizure while playing football with his team Coventry Jag 2004. He was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour, and underwent surgery to remove the growth. Complications during the procedure led to Arun suffering a major stroke on the operating table, and surgery was aborted. A year later, the cancerous tumour remains as Arun continues his recovery from the effects of the stroke.

The stroke damaged the area of the brain that controls language skills. As a result Arun suffers with aphasia which is an impairment of language. Aphasia affects comprehension and production of speech and the ability to read and write. He has gone through a full course of radiotherapy and is at present on a 12 month course of chemotherapy treatment. With his health complications in mind he is still staying positive and is determined to live a normal life. 

Before falling ill, Arun played centre back for the Sunday league team Coventry Jaguar 2004. He was always determined not to miss a single game come, whatever the weather, and was rarely absent from the line-up during his nine-year tenure on the team. This determination and strength of character is definitely showing in his fight to beat the cancerous tumour and recover from the effects of his stroke.

Arun still loves football. He hasn't always had a favourite team but over the past few years he has gradually become a keen Coventry City fan, especially during manager Mark Robins’ second spell with the club. Arun is backing the boss to guide the team to promotion to the Championship, and has been enjoying the club’s strong start to the 2019-2020 season — particularly the 3-2 injury-time defeat of Blackpool in September.  

His dad, Rav, is a life long Coventry City supporter who's childhood was spent growing up on Wren Street, just yards from the Highfield Road stadium. Rav can remember Saturday match days when the street was closed off to traffic, and the Sky Blue Army would walk in in their thousands to get to the stadium. He could always tell when Coventry scored because the house was so close to the stadium that the roar from the crowd would rattle the single pane windows in the house, and then he would run to check which player had scored via Ceefax.

For this new football season, Arun was very grateful to be nominated to receive a complimentary season ticket by Carl Cooper — his manager at Coventry Jaguar 2004. Carl has always been a great support to Arun during his Sunday league years and has been there for Arun at this difficult time in his life. The season ticket has been a big positive for Arun’s well being and motivation. The trip to the stadium has been difficult because of his health complications, and the fatigue factor really affects his ability to stay for the full 90 minutes, but Arun has managed to watch some matches with his dad.

Ravinder describes Arun as an “amazing, inspiring young man” who hoped to go onto university to study astrophysics but is now determined to beat the cancer, finish his A-levels and pursue a successful career. Arun has beaten the odds after the stroke. “Even when doctors had given up on movement of his right side, he never did,” says his aunt Ravinder. He spends a lot of time doing his daily physio exercises and speech therapy work. With assistance he manages on some days to get to a local gym called Red Corner to do some physio rehabilitation work. Again, it is great for his well being that he has help so that he can get to the gym for some rehabilitation work.

Ravinder says that The Brain Tumour Charity supported her family during the darkest times with guidance and support. They also arrange events such as The Young Adults Meet, creating a social environment where youngsters — who often feel isolated with their illness — can meet, socialise and gain the confidence to integrate back into a normal life. Ravinder is determined to help the charity survive and help others in the city. As the charity slogan says, “A Cure Can’t Wait!" 


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