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SEASON TICKETS: Update on dispatch of Season Ticket cards

Some supporters will receive paper tickets for Saturday's match in the post...

3 August 2017

Following issues with the printing of some Season Ticket cards, around 400 Coventry City fans will receive a paper ticket for Saturday’s game against Notts County.

A paper ticket for the game will be sent in the post and fans will receive these on Friday morning. This will show in fans ‘purchase history’, however these have not been charged for – only processed separately.

Those who purchased in the Early Bird period will also receive a paper ticket for the Blackburn Carabao Cup game separately in the post.

The issue was as a result of the link between Ticketmaster (printing the cards) and the Fortress Access Control system (formatting the cards).

The printing of cards should take around 5 seconds per card, but instead it was taking 50 seconds per card for those affected. Once completed, it also closed the printing system down – meaning the whole process needed to start again for the next card which was being printed.

This issue has been resolved, but to ensure that fans receive their tickets in time for Saturday’s match, it was decided on Wednesday evening to issue paper tickets for all fans affected by this problem.

We hope that this alleviates any concerns fans might have had about their Season Ticket cards arriving and access to the match, and that they can look forward to the new season starting.

Season Ticket cards for fans affected by this issue will be posted next week, and reach you ahead of Newport County game on 19th August.

If fans have any queries, they can e-mail or call 0333 321 3134. 

The same issue has caused Notts County tickets to be temporarily unavailable online, and Ticketmaster are in the process of fixing this. Notts County tickets are still available in person at the Butts Park Arena Ticket Office or by calling 0844 453 9134. 

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