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Supporters Consultative Group Meeting Minutes - Tuesday, September 8th

28 September 2015

Please read the meeting minutes from the Supporters Consultative Group meeting on Tuesday, September 8th...

Coventry City Football Club
Supporters’ Consultative Group Meeting
Tuesday 8 September 2015, 6.30pm
Alan Berry Room, Coventry University


Jonathan Strange (JS), Pat Abel (PA), Kieran Crowley (KC), Peter Ward, Chair (PW), Steve Waggott (SW), Darren Davies (DD), Robert Tidmarsh (RT), Steve Brown (SBr), Pat Raybould (PR), Mark Sorbie (MS), Dec Connolly (DC), Tynan Scope (TS), Chris McGrath (CM) , Ray Stevens (RS)

David Busst, CJ, Ian Davidson, Jim Brown, Rav Thakar, Kev Monks, Michael Garlick, Sandra Garlick, Jan Mokrzycki, Mark Hornby.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Minutes of Last Meeting
The Minutes were taken as read and agreed as a true and fair record

Matters Arising

• The Youth Forum - RT was asked how things were progressing with this. He advised the group that he had set up a Facebook page along with a Twitter account and had a terrific response which was ongoing. RT was congratulated on the work he had done by the group and offered any help that they could give.

• Monthly payment plan – SG had sent her apologies to the meeting, therefore there was no response.

• DD reported that he had contacted a coach company that ran a coach service to the Ricoh before the move to Northampton. The company are still active in providing a match day service but with a shorter route. Missing out Atherstone, the route is now Nuneaton/Bedworth and on to the Ricoh and return. KC asked DD to send him details of the coach company and he would advertise them on the CCFC website. He also suggested it would be a good idea to put a request out on social media that all coach companies that provide match day transport contact the club who will then advertise their services.

• SBR advised the meeting that there was to be a Fanzone in Rugby during the Rugby world cup. He Rugby is known to have quite a few CCFC fans and the question asked was, how could we open up the club’s presence to a wider audience?  It was suggested it would be a good idea to set up a small table/stand to bring the Sky Blues into the town.  SW said that the Sky Blues in the Community should show a presence in the town too.

CCFC Update

SW confirmed the injuries of James Maddison, Jordan Willis and Jack Finch and  they would all be out of action for between 8 and 10 weeks. He told the meeting that Ryan Kent should be joining the club from Liverpool and it was expected that an announcement would be made on Thursday. Another player, a midfielder, may be joining the club very soon.  
They are also very pleased with the new signings of Fortune and Latif. The Under 18s and the Under 21s were both doing very well. The club have managed to do a deal with Yeovil town for the cup game, making tickets more affordable. They are priced at £10/£5 and £1. To-date the club have sole 5,150 season tickets, which is 600 short of the target.  The club have been overwhelmed by the unbelievably strong walk-up to games. Club have now had meetings with Wasps re ticketing and have managed to persuade them to help. We are now allowed to use their ticket sales facilities at the ground. The ticket office at Citibase is now closed and Coventry Rugby club has offered the use of their ticket office. This is now open. A new, more efficient phone line is in the process of being set up. The new phone number will end in 1987. Fans will be advised when this is up and running. TC told the meeting the commercial side of the club is more stable. The fans and the club are slowly getting back together. 

SBR asked the club if they had any plans to do anything about the station fiasco. SW replied that there was nothing in the pipeline as this is nothing to do with the club. PW suggested that a group be set up to do a feasibility study.  We should try and reach common ground.

Any Questions
DD as if there had been any feedback on his request for XXXL size shirts along with is question about the poor supply to Sky Blue in the club’s new store and if Man City had exclusivity rights.. SW responded saying there had been none and only a generic reply of the sky blue subject. JS asked if there had been any progress on printing tickets at home. SW advised that there is a module that you can build on your platform but as it is not possible to book ticket via a mobile phone or tablet it makes it pretty useless and they can only be bought on your PC.

Matters for Discussion:

Issues log:
CM advised that block 36 and 37 have no tea and coffee facilities on a match day. The nearest kiosk is by block 1 and as this is the only one in this area the queues are huge. This also confirmed by DD. The only outlets near 36 and 37 are for beer and hot dogs. We are trying to put money back into the club but this isn’t helping us. SW agreed it was in the best interest of ACL/Compass to open as many outlets as possible. KC will pick this up. 

Disabled – MS questioned the queues at the food outlets at half time. His son has to go out about 20 mins before half time in order not to miss the start of the second half. The service is poor and slow. 

Family Zone and JSBs
PR reported that at the last match they were moved many times, by different people, this was totally unacceptable as they need to be in place and set up before the fans start arriving. The response from the children to the new things was very positive. The dugout experience was won by a 5 year old who was absolutely thrilled.  There are 1078 children signed up so far, well up on last season. 

Tickets  for Schools
PA asked for a meeting with Karen. She also where the group felt the children should sit. It was suggested in the corner between the north and east stands. But this was also suggested that this could add to kiosk problems. A discussion needs to take place with Karen Bennett on the matter.


DC came up with a suggestion to get the club more involved in the match day experience. His idea was that the players who are not in the squad for the match be more interactive with the fans i.e. make an appearance outside as people are queuing, or inside around the beverage kiosks, KC will look at this and see what can be done. SW suggested linking up with Jim Brown of the FPA.

SBr. Block 16, lazy steward in that area. Someone arrived take his seat (he was a regular there) and another person was sat in it. Rather than check both tickets the Steward just said he could sit in another seat. Felt more should have been done. SW reminded everyone that a number had been set up for people to text any complaints in during the match.

SBR as if there was an update on the new ground. SW replied that they were looking at various options and the situation was ongoing.

SBR asked if the owners had thought about approaching Wasps for a percentage share in the ground. SW responded, no, it would be difficult with the legal issue.  TS said forget a percentage share, it would only muddy the water for the public.

PW said they would take this to the next Board meeting. 

MS said that in the disabled supporters section of the official website, it says you can pick up tickets from Gallagher Retail Park, there is no mention of Butts Park Arena. KC said this will be amended ASAP.

JS advised the group of the long e-mails from Lee Kinder which he would disseminate and send to all.

TS asked how the tannoy system was, the general consensus was it was better.

The Next Board meeting will take place 2nd week of October.

Next SCG 27 October. Venue:  TBC.

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