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TEAM MATES: Coventry City's James Maddison dishes the dirt on the Sky Blues squad!

11 November 2015

Maddison took part in our team-mates feature earlier this season and has some brutal answers for the City squad...

This season, we're seeing what the Coventry City squad think of each other with our new team mates feature!

Each Sky Blues player will pick a category and answer the question about that category, picking their top three team-mates who fit the answer! James Maddison was the first City squad member to take the team mates feature at the start of the season and put his team mates on blast...

Read what Maddison had to say about the squad below...

Who has the face only their mother could love? 

1. Chris Stokes   2. Jack Finch   3. Ivor Lawton

You just have to look for yourself. Stokesy looks like a tomato and Ivor thinks he’s a worldie...

Who’s the next Albert Einstein?

1. George Thomas    2. Sam Ricketts  3. Aaron Martin

They literally speak their own language, George is a boy genius. 

Which team-mate is the most laid back?

1. Jack Finch     2. Jack Finch     3. Jack Finch
Just watch him. He never breaks a sweat.

Who’s the biggest comedian?

1.Jim O’Brien  2. Reice Charles-Cook  3. Ivor Lawton
Jim causes havoc around the training ground. Reice is funny to be fair too.

Who has never seen a mirror?

1. Ivor Lawton    2. Romain Vincelot  3. Chris Stokes
There is some horrendous gear between these three. Dress in the dark.

Who would struggle to manage in Sunday League?

1. Jordan Willis    2. Devon Kelly-Evans   3. Dion Kelly-Evans
Willis missed his flight for his holiday, says it all about his organisation.

Who would be the best showboat?

1. Ruben Lameiras   2. Reice Charles-Cook 3. Devon Kelly-Evans
There is a lot of flair in that three. Reice is flames for a keeper.

Who turns slower than milk?

1. Cian Harries    2. Chris Stokes   3. Lee Burge

Cian and Stokesy always look like they’re towing caravans... dreadful in the running exercises!

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