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"If the right player becomes available, we can't let him slip through our fingers for any reason." - Coventry City's Tony Mowbray

22 May 2015

The City boss has also stressed patience as the 'right player' might become available at a later date ahead of the 2015/16 season...

Coventry City manager Tony Mowbray admitted he has had plenty of agents calling him before and after he signed the two-year deal at the club.

Mowbray, who kept the Sky Blues in League One after joining in March, will now look to shaping his squad ahead of the 2015/16 League One campaign.

With eight players released from the 2014/15 squad, there is plenty of work to be done before the squad return for pre-season on Wednesday, July 1st. 

The Sky Blues boss is currently on holiday but admitted it will probably be more of a working holiday now he has been confirmed as City manager. 

Mowbray said: "I've been back-pedaling agents really as everybody was under the assumption that I was the Coventry City manager going forward.

"Now that it's been sorted and signed, I expect the phone to start ringing all the time and the work will begin. 

"My experience in management is that even when you're on holiday, you're working and answering the phone about players and putting plans in place.

"If the right player becomes available, we can't let him slip through our fingers for any reason so work on that will be ongoing throughout the summer."

Mowbray earmarked the recruitment at the club as an area he wanted to improve during his talks with the owners and the board.

The City manager said he has had foreign agents enquiring for foreign players but he questioned whether some would be the right fit in League One.

He added: "Because of the level I've previously been working at, there are a lot of foreign agents who are proposing foreign players to me at the moment. 

"But I've asked myself, is League One the right environment for foreign players to come into. Talent-wise, some of them would undoubtedly be good enough but how would they react to the realities of League One football, that is in the personality.

"Those sorts of scanarios are slight gambles, and I'm not sure I want to be making too many gambles. Once you've spent a pound, you've spent it and it doesn't just get replaced.

"There are so many players available, there is a temptation to rush in and pick some up straight away but a couple of weeks later, another player might become available who possesses more quality."

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