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"I have sheets of paper on my desk who we need to target in the summer. There needs to be a Coventry way." - Coventry City's Tony Mowbray

27 March 2015

The Sky Blues boss also speaks about his first full week on the training ground after the hectic fixture schedule...

Coventry City manager Tony Mowbray has revealed that he has already began preparations for next season.

The Sky Blues boss has already looked at getting in new players, current players' contracts and redecorating the training ground as he looks to continue to build the club.

But Mowbray is aware that circumstances will change if City don't survive in League One and is eager to do all he can to prepare for next season within the current circumstances.

"To be honest I've only been looking at contracts and things in the last week, but I'm forward planning only for being here," Mowbray said.

"I'm here to put this club up the league, out of this league and beyond. The worst case scenario is that we have no idea where we're going with only 13 players, which aren't really 13 because some of them are young players. We do need to increase the numbers next season.

"Is it a positive that there are so many players out of contract in the summer? Maybe, if the right players come in.

"I have sheets of paper on my desk who we need to target in the summer.

"But there are no scouts and no database of players. Wherever I have been before whenever I have left, that database stays with the club, I don't take it with me, we need to build a scouting system at this club. If it means us having one player less to do that, so be it, I want us to build a scouting system all over the world.

"I also want to see the clubs ethos all around this training ground. There needs to be a passion, a drive and desire, a Coventry way. Like a glue it will bring everything together.

"You have to have standards, run a football club properly. Be organised, be the best team. I want to give players a place of work that they are proud to come to."

Mowbray had his first week of training with the players without having a two-game week within the fixture schedule.

With a full week on the training pitch after the defeat to Doncaster,  Mowbray has stressed that the side need to cut the mistakes out of their game in order to climb up the League One table.
He continued: "They are a hard working bunch of footballers. 

"I've enjoyed it, we've had to balance training with rest though, we've played a lot of football of late so it's all about getting the balance right. We've completed preparations on the opposition and we go into the game in good mood.

"Cut out the mistakes and we're a very good side. I'm trying to get the best out of our footballers, talking and coaching them through. You can coach a team and give them a philosophy but moments in the game can puncture that. So we need to remove the mistakes and if we do, we can be a threat to any side in the league."

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