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ONLINE TICKET SALES: See our guide on how to buy tickets online here!

22 July 2015

See our guide on how to buy tickets online here...

How to buy tickets online:

We talk you through step by step how to purchase your tickets online at

Step 1:

What device are you using?

You need to use a laptop or computer – iphone, ipads etc are not compatible with the website currently. (It is currently being updated.)


Step 2:


Look at the top right of the page – if you’ve used the site before, you can now log-in to your account or if you’re new to using the website you can register.


Step 3a: Logging In

To activate an existing account for online tickets, fill in your Customer Ref (Supporter Number), Surname and Postcode in the appropriate field and then click ‘Activate Account’.

If you have forgotten your details, put in the e-mail address you have registered on your account in the box- and then press ‘E-mail my details’.  Your log-in information will be sent to you.

To Log-In to your existing online account, you have two options to log-in:

        ·Log-In using your e-mail and password

        ·Log-In using your Customer Reference, Surname and Postcode

You can choose between the two options using the drop down arrow.

Once you have logged in, your name will show in the top right corner. You’ll also be able to access your purchase history  and your details by clicking ‘My Account’.

If you haven’t logged in online before, you will be asked to update your information and provide your e-mail address.

Step 3b: Registering

To register, put your e-mail address and surname in the appropriate boxes on the right hand side of the page.

You will then be taken to a separate page where you can fill in your personal details such as name, address, contact number and e-mail address. Fields marked with an asterix need to be completed.

There are three separate boxes for your Date of Birth, so make sure you complete all of these.

Finally, if you have read our terms and conditions, tick the box.

Make sure you leave the box which says ‘I would like to receive information from Coventry City FC’ ticked. This means we can contact you with the latest ticket and club news.

You’ll then be taken back to log-in page, where you can access your new account with the details you have just put in.


Step 4: Buying Match or Season TicketTickets

If you want match tickets- click the tab at the top of the page which says ‘Tickets’/’Season Tickets’.

You will then see a list of the games which you can choose to buy. You’ll also see the on-sale dates; if you’re a Season Ticket holder or Member you will receive priority booking.

Next to each game, you’ll see three buttons: ‘Quick seats’, ‘Choose seats’ or ‘Event Details’.

If you want to pick a specific seat for the game, then click Choose Seats and you’ll be taken to a stadium layout where you can decide where you want to sit.

If you don’t mind, then click ‘Quick Seats’. For more information about the game, such as ticket prices and concessionary rates, click on ‘Event Details’.

If an away game is unreserved seating, you will only have the ‘Quick Seats’ option.


Once in the stadium layout, choose which block of the ground you want to sit in. Once you choose your block, you’ll be taken into that area of the seating plan. You can move forward and back, and zoom in and out on the plan. You can then choose the seat you want (available seats show in green).

Once you select your seat, the site will automatically recognise which category of ticket applies to you.

Once you have selected the number of tickets you want to purchase, click Add to Basket.

Once you have chosen all the seats you want, click checkout to go the payment page.


Step 5: Checkout

Once you have chosen your tickets, you can go to the Checkout page.

Here you can choose whether you get the tickets posted out to you (for 90p) or choose to collect.

If you choose to get tickets posted, you will need to put in the delivery details.

If you decide to collect, you do not need put in delivery information.

Once you have decided, click ‘Pay Now’ and you can then put in your payment details.

Information required is:

Cardholder Name, Card Number, Security Code, Start Date, Expiry Date, Issue (If Mastercard), 1st line of address and Postcode.

Once you have put in all of your information, click Pay Now (just click this once)

Your transaction is now complete! 

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