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Coventry City's Romain Vincelot, Ruben Lameiras, Reice Charles-Cook and Chris Stokes share Christmas with us!

30 December 2015

We catch up with five City stars to see how their Christmas would go and what they wanted from Santa...

So Christmas has just been and gone, but in the Christmas week, we checked in with members of the City squad to see how their usual Christmas would go!

We asked Romain Vincelot, Chris Stokes, Aaron Phillips, Ruben Lameiras and Reice Charles-Cook about their Christmas experiences so far and it’s safe to say Reice is asking for a lot from Father Christmas this year...

Romain Vincelot

What is your earliest memory of Christmas?

My earliest memory... I can’t really remember fully. Roughly I remember the first dinner when I was a youngster and that’s really the only one.

What’s the best present you’ve ever received?

I’m still waiting for it I think! The best one was a bicycle when I was a kid a BMX, I got great use out of it.  I still ride in my spare time today so it set me up well.

What’s the worst present you’ve ever received?

That was a video - a VHS - at the time from my Aunt. She just didn’t know what kids liked, it was a very strange video, it was all about animals, I can’t remember what it was called but it was very weird! I can’t remember who was in it but it was the worst present I’ve gotten by far!

Chris Stokes

What’s does your normal Christmas Day consist of?

It changes every year really, my missus’ family is in Wigan and mine is near Bath. We have our house in Gloucester so we’re   going this year to her family on Christmas Eve and have a nice meal out. I don’t get to see her family a lot and we’ll be all together on Boxing Day too.

I’ve never really had a Christmas Day, when I was at Forest Green we were in on Christmas Day. I actually quite enjoyed it there was a lot of good banter. We had our Secret Santa on Christmas Day it was a bit of fun and was  good for the people that lived near training ground!

What’s the best present you’ve ever received?

Getting a BMX when I was younger is up there, but I got a pool table one year.  I was about six or seven and I went downstairs in the morning to see there were no presents there for me. I was looking at my Dad like ‘what is happening!’ But he took me to the garage and I was absolutely buzzing! What a gift!

Best thing about Christmas?

For me, seeing the family. I don’t see them a lot as they’re down south and it will be great as all my family and my wife’s family will be at the game and we’ll all be together. It’s difficult to get everyone together; the last time that happened was probably the wedding in the summer so it’s a really important time.

Aaron Phillips

What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever received?

That’s a tough one! I got a bike once but I wouldn’t say it was the very best! I’m struggling... But I’d rather give presents to be honest, seeing the look on someone else’s face is better!

What’s the worst present you’ve ever received?

A pillow, believe it or not, it was so uncomfortable. It was one of those foamy pillows that are quite big - I didn’t enjoy that! I’ve got used to the one I’ve had for years, that sounds really boring but it’s true!

What is your typical Christmas day?

There’s a routine that I do. I wake up, don’t open any present and go to my Nan’s house first thing. After that I go to my Dads til about 12   go and spend time with mum’s side of the family after the meal and open the presents. When you open them all in the morning, it’s an anti-climax isn’t it!

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

Just being with the family. I know if we have a game the next day I have to work around that but it’s good to sit down with the family for the day.

Ruben Lameiras

What’s the best present you’ve ever received?

My BMX, 12-years old yellow didn’t like the colour couldn’t tell my mom probably on sale!

What’s your typical Christmas day?

Well we don’t have a traditional English Christmas. We open our presents at midnight on the 24th going into the 25th. The 24th is the main day really, the party and food bit, then you’ll sleep and have the kids wanting to open presents at 12:01am!  I’d wake up have a meal but no presents on Christmas day. That’s a more traditional Christmas in Portugal, everyone stays up until like 3 then go to bed, then don’t do anything on the 25th day! The storm is on the 24th.  

What does a usual Christmas dinner consist of for you?
Well we have Portuguese food, we don’t have roasts. We don’t have chicken; we have fish, usually Cod. I hate Cod so I have Salmon, I’m sure we had duck once – but anyway – it’s more about fish and Portuguese foods in my house.

What’s the best present you’ve ever given?

Every year I give good presents to be fair! I just get people what they want, mainly my little brother, whatever he wants he gets. I couldn’t pinpoint one gift really.

Reice Charles-Cook

What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever received?

Getting a Playstation one year was unreal, but when I was younger I got a WWE set, which was the whole ring and the wrestlers, people like The Rock, Stone Cold and The Undertaker. Everyone from the Attitude Era – kids won’t understand that now!
I loved getting football kits and goalkeeper kits too.

Have you given out any good Christmas gifts over the years?

I’ve given out some great gifts. Myself to my missus, an Xbox ONE for my little brothers, but one year I made a card for my Mum, I was a bad boy that year so I wrote a deep apology – I’d never written that much in my life! I covered it in sprinkles, my Mum was raging the table was a mess but it was a worthwhile message!

What’s does your traditional Christmas day consist of?

My family are so strong on Monopoly on Christmas Day. It gets very very competitive, people stealing the box and the money! But we’ve    got the card now so no-one can steal it – it can get very aggressive. I haven’t won in three years so I have to come back stronger.

I won’t make it with a game this year and it’s sad! But that’s what being a pro is all about.

What do you want for Christmas?

I’m not asking for much here. Maybe the League One Player of the Year. Promotion. A year in the Championship and back-to-back promotions, then an FA Cup final 2016/17.  I’ll take the final, we can’t push Santa’s power too far. The next season, we get to the Europa League quarters, lose to Spartak Moscow valiantly away from home – robbed. Then we finish 3rd in the Premier League, all the staff and players are still here as the best Cov side ever. I’m in the running for the Balon d’Or and turn down a £22m move to Barcelona.

In the 2019/20 season we’re in the Champions League semi-final, drawing 1-1 and going out, but Madders tapped in from Willis’ cross after Ruben’s dummy.

We’re in the last minute, I asked the Gaffer if I can go up for a corner, ‘Mr Mowbray can I go up!?’ He says ‘Reice, chill’ but I go up anyway. The delivery comes in and I bring it down on my chest and volley top bin. Then we’re in the final in my favourite stadium, the Olimpico in Rome. ‘You want a cathedral we’ve got on to spare’ is ringing round the place. 

I save a pen, catch the rebound and side volley a ball into Ruben’s path, Madders heads it down and Reda smashes it when he’s not meant to be there. It would be so ledge, class to do it with this club. Come on Santa, surely you can produce!!!

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