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FEATURE: Find out what Coventry City defender Ryan Haynes wants for Christmas?

24 December 2014

The final Coventry City player interviewed was left-back Ryan Haynes to see what he wanted to find out for Christmas...

With Christmas this week, we thought we would ask some of the Coventry City players and staff what Christmas means to them!

The feature, which was in the PUSB match-day programme at the weekend as City got a 1-1 draw against Fleetwood Town, gives an insight into what makes Christmas for the City stars.

Next up is Coventry City defender Ryan Haynes...


What’s on your Christmas list this year?

I don’t know I haven’t actually asked for anything, I prefer to give presents really, a lot of people say that but it’s true for me.

Best Christmas present you’ve ever had? 

I remember when I was younger me and my brother were getting a Playstation 2 and he knew -  I think he found it! That night we both had walkie-talkies he told me on the walkie-talkie I couldn’t sleep I was so happy. In the morning I had to act like I didn’t know when we opened it so I had to produce my best acting performance!

What’s the best present you’ve ever given?

I gave my mom a watch for Christmas, I think last year and she loved it. There’s no better feeling than making your mom happy, it was brilliant.

What are you looking forward to the most on Christmas day?

I like Christmas time everyone’s happy and it brings people together see my mom dads and brothers faces when they got their presents.

First football gift?

I used to love playing in goal, I never did it properly, but I used to love it. I used to have a soft spot for Liverpool so my mom and dad bought me the goalie top. I went down the field that week with the full strip on diving about in goal, it was brilliant.

What traditions do you or your family have at Christmas?

We don’t really have traditions, we all get around the table for Christmas dinner, sit and watch TV together but there’s no real plan or tradition, it’s a nice day where we are all together.

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