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Relive THAT famous day, 26 years ago...

16 May 2013

26 years ago today, the Sky Blues won the FA Cup and you can relive the drama here...

Today, Coventry City Football Club celebrates the 26th anniversary of the 1987 FA Cup win over Tottenham Hotspur.

The day goes down as one of the greatest days in the club's history as John Sillett's City won one of the greatest FA Cup finals. 

Just two minutes in, Spurs went ahead early on through Clive Allen as he headed home a Chris Waddle cross past Steve Ogrizovic but Dave Bennett pulled City level just seven minutes later.

City went in at the break behind as Gary Mabbutt put Tottenham ahead again five minutes before the break. 

City weren't to be denied however, and Keith Houchen provided the BBC Goal of the Season when his diving header from Bennett's cross flew past England international Ray Clemence to put City level and force extra time.

The cup was won five minutes into extra time as Gary Mabbutt's knee placed the ball past Clemence to seal the famous cup win.

Below, FATV have provided highlights from the famous day so you can relive the drama and the emotions of that 90 minutes, 26 years ago.

Last year, we asked for fans to send in their memories of the day, whether you were at Wembley, in Coventry or anywhere else in the world.

Below, we have five extracts from five City fans who tell the story from their eyes and what made their day. We all know what happened in the game but everyone has a different story to tell.

From Graham Williams, Tile Hill, Coventry…

"Even though it was 25 years ago, it seems like yesterday. As the games progressed, the general feeling was one of hope in 1987. Manchester United, Stoke City, Sheffield Wednesday and then Leeds United, all played away.

"On the day, 16th May, 1987, my day began at 6am with bunting and flags being put up in the street as all the neighbours had clubbed together to arrange a street party.

"My transport arrived at 10 am and we took the long old trip to Wembley Way. 

"The lump in the throat began as you entered the stadium and all you could hear for miles was the Sky Blue songs, "Go For It City," "Gregg Downes hair" and "There's only one Brian Burrows".

"Nerves were a plenty during the 120 minutes of play but tears flowed at the final whistle. Even when we took the happy trip home, it was emotional to see the Spurs fans applauding the Sky Blue army. Feeling drained, we slept in the car on the way home.

"Flags, scarves, horns and everything greeted the returning fans. I got home and the entire street, families relatives and children, were having a massive party and we had a few beers, which continued until midnight.

"We woke up on Sunday morning feeling a little worse for wear but I had just enough time for a shower, something to eat and go into the City Centre for another massive party.

"May the memories never leave us..."

From Adrian Patrick, Port Elizabeth, South Africa…

"I have been supporting Coventry City for almost 50 years. Unfortunately the last 30 years has been from a distance as I emigrated to South Africa in 1982.

"Needless to say that when City reached the final that year, I was over the moon, but also disappointed that I could not be there at Wembley to see the Sky Blues in the final.

"Here in Port Elizabeth there are quite a few people from in and around the Coventry area. So we organised a huge party at our house to watch the game and plenty of beers to go with it. We even built a small grandstand in our lounge using planks and bricks to get into the atmosphere.

"The Champagne was on ice, but I was not that confident that we could beat the mighty Spurs. Once we went a goal down I thought the worst but to all our great joy we bounced back and of course went on to win an absolute gem of a match, which was a credit to both teams."

From John Twigger, Philippines…

"My memory of the FA Cup Final, started on the Friday evening before. I traveled down from Leeds, where I lived, to Coventry, and spent the night at my Mum's house. Saturday morning I got up about 6am, and went to the Train station for 7am but had to wait for until 9am before I could get on a train. The wait didn't seem that long as everybody was in an excellent mood. 

"After arriving at Wembley station, the atmosphere around the Stadium was Electric. I got the impression the Tottenham fans, thought it was going to be easy, as they had never lost an FA Cup final before. 

"The match itself was fantastic, and to see Kilcline lift the trophy, will remain with me till I die, and a great headed goal from Houchen. What a Day.

"I arrived back in Coventry about 8-30pm, Went to my Mum's to collect some things and traveled back to Leeds that night. In the morning, about 7am, my wife and I, and our three Children set off to come to Coventry to see the players parade through the City Centre. What a great moment it was, to see the City of Coventry turn out for the parade.

"I now have the Programme, Ticket, and Train Ticket Framed.

"I hope you enjoyed reading my account of the greatest weekend in my life."

From Phil Gilchrist, Sutton Coldfield…

"The day will always stick with me. It was incredible. Needless to say, I didn't sleep, could barely eat breakfast and almost missed my train through all the nerves. 

"I don't remember the journey very well, but when I saw the two towers, everything hit me. Coventry City were in the FA Cup final. Our little provincial team, who maybe didn't have the star names but had the effort, the passion and the desire to win the best cup competition in the world.

"Everyone knows what happened in the game so I won't bore you with the details but when THAT goal went in, I lifted my son on to my shoulders and bounced. And didn't stop bouncing until I was on the train home. 

"I went out of course, but I don't remember it that well. But what I do remember was the parade and the celebrations in the City centre and the fountain. Incredible atmosphere made by incredible people.

"One City, One Team. We are Coventry City."

From Tom Shipperly, Kings Norton, Birmingham

"I haven't got much time but I thought I would share my memories of that weekend. I never expected Coventry City to be in the final so I let my wife book a holiday to Weston-Super-Mare for that week. Even though I pleaded with the holiday company to get it pushed back, it was a no-go so I was forced to partake in this holiday.

"I wasn't really much fun on the holiday and refused to go out on Friday night due to the nerves. Woke up at 7am, collected the papers and urged my wife to get out of bed so we could go and find a place to watch the match. 

"We settled on this pub on the seafront and we got there for half 11 so we had plenty of time to kill. As we were eating our meal, we slowly began to realise that more and more Coventry fans were entering the pub. By ten to three, the place was packed. Sky Blue everywhere, one lost Londoner.

"The scenes of the winning goal going in and the drink being thrown everywhere, my wife standing on top of a table swinging her top around her head will live with me forever. Just incredible. We had a great holiday after that."

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