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Supporters' Survey Results 2013

12 July 2013

Review the results from our 2013 CCFC Supporters' Survey

We thank fans for taking part in the Support Consultation Survey.  We appreciate and respect people's views and assure you that we listened.  

We understand the disappointment felt regarding the ground share decision.  We did not want to move from the city for even a temporary period and we are committed to return.

If there had been an economic option which would have allowed us to stay at the Ricoh we would have pursued it but there was no proposal on the table in time for us to make realistic plans for the coming season.

We and are working hard to find ways to ease the financial and transport issues that come with this decision and will issue further details shortly.

CCFC Supporter Survey Results

From a total of 3,015 responses to the survey, we found most fans said they were born in Coventry and started supporting their local team as children. Often through the influence of their family, their fathers in particular. Another common reason is through school friends. There are a number of fans who have moved to the area and have become ardent supporters since.

To fans, Coventry City Football Club represents passion and pride, particularly in their home town, and it is part of their identity. It is a big part of fans’ lives and most have made friends and feel part of a family.

To summarise, our findings showed:

59.6% of people who completed the survey have been a Season Ticket holder in the last 5 seasons.
• 41.9% of people who have not been a Season Ticket holder in the last 5 seasons attend up to 12 matches per season. 
• The average length of how long supporters have been Season Ticket holders is 7 years, although there are a number of supporters who have been for longer.
• The biggest percentage of fans at 37.1% travel less than 5 miles to get to home matches. 22.1% of supporters travel over 41 miles.
• 24.5% of fans said they would support the club at an alternative stadium in the short term.

Love for the team and loyalty to the team regardless of the situation was cited as the main drive for the 24.5% of fans who said they would support the club at an alternative stadium. A number of fans added that this would only be viable in the short term as Coventry is still the home of the football club.

Fans who would not support the club elsewhere expressed the view that the club belongs in Coventry and will lose its identity by being elsewhere. Many felt it isn’t right to change stadiums when there is already one fit for purpose. Other fans said they can’t afford to or justify travelling regularly.

It was highlighted by fans that there was a need for honesty, clear communication and a plan for the future. Many suggested that cheaper ticket prices or sensible travel options might encourage them or others to travel to another stadium in the short term.

The detailed percentage to the answers in the survey are below

Are you or have you been a CCFC Season Ticket holder in the last 5 seasons?
Yes 59.6%
No 40.4%

If yes, how long have you had a Season Ticket?
Average - 7 Years

If no, how many home matches per season do you attend? 
Under 5 40.3%
6 to 12 41.9%
13 to 17 11.6%
18+         6.3%

How far do you travel to home matches? 
Under 5 miles         37.1%
6 to 15 miles         29.0%
16 to 25 miles         7.5%
26 to 40 miles         4.3%
41 miles or more 22.1%

How many away matches per season do you attend? 
Under 5 62.2%
6 to 12 26.2%
13 to 17 5.0%
18+         6.6%

Have you bought any other CCFC products?
Membership         14.0%
JSB Membership         20.9%
Match Package vouchers         4.4%
Hospitality Packages         12.6%
Advertising and Sponsorship 2.0%
PUSB Matchday Programme 50.0%
Sky Blues Player 15.9%
Replica Shirt         77.7%
Leisure Wear         58.5%
Other Retail product         53.3%

With no other option than looking at an alternative venue to host our matches, would you attend games at another stadium outside of Coventry in the short term, to help preserve the long term future of your club? 
Yes 24.5%
No 75.5%

Over the coming weeks we will be holding fans forums to discuss with fans the truth of our current situation and answer any questions you may have. Would you be interested in attending? 
Yes 57.6%
No 42.4%

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