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Fisher confirms Onye Igwe departure

14 September 2012

Tim Fisher has confirmed Onye Igwe has left the business...

Coventry City chief executive Tim Fisher has confirmed Onye Igwe has left the business.

Speaking at a fans forum – arranged by the club and broadcast live on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire at the Standard Triumph Club – , Fisher told fans that Igwe is longer involved with the football club and that Joy Seppala is now more involved. 

He said: “There has been a change of personnel at Sisu and the people, who were previously responsible for the football club, have left Sisu.

“Onye has left. His influence has now been replaced by Joy Seppala’s.

“Joy is now hands-on. I speak to her every single day and, by the way, she comes to games and, by the way, she stood in front of the players and told them very clearly what it is she expects, and what the fans expect.”

The chief executive also commented that Sisu are now committed to a three-year plan which was signed off during the summer. 

Fisher added: “We presented a three-year plan to Sisu and in three years’ time, I fully expect the club to have fulfilled the plan. 

“The moment we got relegated, we did a lot of work. We looked at developing our ideas and looked at developing the funding requirements. 

“That funding requirement is not just for this year but for the next three years. We need some longevity at the club and the plan delivers that.

“Within the plan, we are looking to get promoted, we are going to look to become a community club and a club which has its Academy as its cornerstone.

“We presented the three-year plan, that plan was interrogated and that plan was signed off.”

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