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The Players

29 July 2012

Coventry City Under 18s

2nd Year Apprentices

Corey Addai
DOB: 10/10/1997
Former Club: Arsenal

Jacob Whitmore
DOB: 06/05/1998
Former Club: N/A (CCFC Academy since Under 9)

Darragh Leahy
DOB: 15/04/1998
Former Club: St. Kevin Boys Club (Dublin)

Callum Maycock
DOB: 23/12/1997
Former Club: Birmingham City

Jordan Shipley
DOB: 26/09/1997
Former Club: N/A (CCFC Academy since Under 9)

Jay Albini
DOB: 19/02/1998
Former Club: Walsall

Bassala Sambou
DOB: 15/10/1997
Former Club: Coventry Jaguar

First-year Apprentices

Name: Konrad Skuza
DOB: 07/11/1998
Former Club: 

Name: Reece Ford
DOB: 29/10/1998
Former Club: 

Name: Chris Camwell
DOB: 27/10/1998
Former Club: 

Name: Kyle Finn
DOB: 07/12/1998
Former Club: 

Name: Jak Hickman
DOB: 11/09/1998
Former Club: 

Name: Jordon Thompson
DOB: 08/04/1999
Former Club: 

Name: Tom Bayliss
DOB: 06/04/1999
Former Club: 

Name: Ronee Hendricks
DOB: 29/11/1998
Former Club: 

Name: Dagry Mantsounga 
DOB: 15/05/1999
Former Club: 

Name: Dan Smith
DOB: 17/10/1998
Former Club: 

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